Mergers and Acquisitions

Rant, Inc.


Acquisition of Assets
12% Secured Promissory Note & Preferred Stock
July 2016
OriginClear, Inc.


Acquisition of Progressive Water Treatment
Series B Preferred Stock
October 2015
Spectronix Ltd. Sale to Emerson Electric


Represented by SRFF-DTKGC (Israel)
Reverse Triangular Merger
August 2015
PFO Global, Inc.


Reverse Merger and Financing
8% Discount Senior Secured Convertible Debenture
July 2015
SITO Mobile, Ltd.


Acquisition of Hipcricket's Mobile Advertising Business
July 2015
Great West Resources Inc.
Purchase of Globalstar Contracts from Global Telestat Corp. & License Agreement
December 2014
MV Augusta
Partnership with Mercedes-AMG
November 2014